Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas List

So for the past few years in my family, my parents have us kids shop for ourselves because we are "picky" so I was thinking of asking my Mom to get me this dress.


What do you think? In real life will the pattern make your eyes go bezerk?

Oh no! I just went to order it, and it's off the website! Email me back, email me back.

And in a perfect world, I would also get this....

Anthropologie, you can be so cruel sometimes, $138?! I wish it was in the "justifiable" price range.


  1. dress yes love it...
    necklace love it too. anthro is pretty ridicules with there prices...and you can probably make that necklace yourself!

  2. I LOVE both picks! but yeah...the price is not justifiable.

  3. oooh that necklace is beautiful! but so pricey. i bet you could make is for less than $20. i just might have to go search a craft store now for the pieces.

    happy holidays!



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