Monday, December 14, 2009

New York, New York

rockstar diaries
In the normal style, instead of studying for my finals I have been reading The Rockstar Diaries archives (last semester it was being obsessed with all classic Disney movies). All. of. Them.

I know most of you probably follow the amazingness that is Naomi Davis, but being inundated with this sort of awesomeness is starting to make an impression on me. I have now decided that:

1. I need to go visit New York again. (eighth grade was too long ago)

2. At some point in my life a need holgaroid. Preferably sooner rather than later.

3. My future home must have some walls with blackboard paint so we can draw and have fun over and over again. Plus it's super cute.

Make Custom Color Chalkboard Paint

Martha Stewart had a pretty good idea for using the blackboard paint in other ways and custom colors. I love the aqua blue example and the calendar!

Now if you excuse me, I think some Frank Sinatra is calling my name...

PS. Did I mention how nice Naomi is? Who knew Rockstars would be so friendly and sweet?? Wait, on second thought, I'm pretty sure that's apparent from her blog. Love you Naomi!


  1. I love Rockstar Diaries , too ,
    Naomi is really inspiring!

  2. I LOVE Frank Sinatra. He sings an awesome song called... well.... Emily! ;)
    I love love LOVE your blog! So cute! :)

  3. This was too kind. Thanks lady!!! And yes you gotta go get some chalk board paint!!! Changed my life.


  4. That blackboard paint is such a great idea! xo

  5. i am majorly in love with her blog too.
    i have also read every single post - simply simply the best.


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