Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm totally good at giving

Don't you love the plaid wrapping paper?
... except not really.

You know those people that just give AMAZING gifts, that are exactly what you wanted but you didn't know it? And it's completely thoughtful and original and awesome?

I am not one of those people.

Ergo, my sister (one of those people I described above) and I always split presents for our parents. She figures it out and researches it, I pay for half. It's a deal that has worked for many years.  Except that it leaves me on my own on what to get her.

Example of my limited skills at getting others good gifts:

-Last year I got her a certificate for a facial.

-This year I was planning on the same, but she said she would rather have money. So I am giving her cash. This idea makes me cringe a little on the inside, I mean it doesn't get much less thoughtful than that does it? At least, I can only improve from here.

 It's the thought that counts right??

PS. Did I mention that it's also her birthday on Christmas? She is going to be 25 and that totally blows my mind. Where did all the time go??

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  1. aww its her golden birthday christmas!!
    I guess its really not too exciting when your birthday is on christmas every year.


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