Saturday, December 12, 2009

As soon as finals are over

I will most likely be watching this a few times. I just want to live in that movie. It would be pretty awesome. My cousin can come too and play the music (because she totally can, and it makes me extremely jealous)

And trying to tackle this. Yes, remember when I started reading it?  apparently I can't read it much during the school year.

And finishing this anyone else read this because it was on Lost? Just me? Sweet.

PS. Lost starts on February 2nd for its final season! Anyone else extremely excited/sad??

Hope all of you are farther along in your Christmas shopping than I am!


  1. Flannery is such a nut.
    And Ulysses? Wow. Are you an English major?

  2. OH MY. Pride and Prej is my study soundtrack. It works. It does.


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