Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Note to self:

1. Shower everyday. Even if you aren't planning on going anywhere or seeing anyone. Especially during the holiday season.

2. Put on normal clothes while at home. PJ's may be more comfortable but are definitely not socially acceptable for being around other people. Especially when the sun is out. During the winter.

Cause of this revelation? Being horribly embarrassed to find myself at 9:30 pm reading Austen's Mansfield Park in my bed, in pj's, hair unwashed and pulled back in a horrible look and hearing the doorbell ring.

*Note: I already have mini panic attacks when the doorbell rings and I am all gross. Always hoping it isn't someone I know and would have to face looking like a slob. Most of my friends already know they need to give me at least a ten minute heads up before showing up to my house.*

<--- This is *pretty much* my face when I realized what I was about to have to do.

My Dad answers the door, and calls my name. I groan internally and yell to hold on for a minute and panic in my head at what to do. Bra? Sweatshirt change from my extremely old and stained sweatshirt? Jeans? Fix hair somewhat? Wash face?

So much to do, so little time.

I throw on a new(er) sweatshirt and put on a bra. Walking hesitantly down the stairs I see that it is my new church acquaintances and one or two that I have never met before. I *sure* know how to make an impression.  They drop off some delicious bread and I can only assume, flee from the house and discuss the fact that I don't shower unless I have to. And I am NOT one of those girls who can take a day off from showering. Did I mention this was the first day in a week or two that I was not out of the house and showered with make-up on? I mean, I have to live it up before I get married and have kids and will be running all over town every day.

So, those new rules are to help me from seeing embarrassment like that again. Especially since I have told all of you that I am definitely not one to wear my pj's in public, or with people I hardly know. I mean, I wouldn't even greet the pest guy or UPS man like I was, and I will never see them again.

Now I can only soften the harsh memory with the yummy bread they bought. Yet it is a reminder of the embarrassment. Oh the irony.

PS. If you ever want to come to my house unannounced during the day and find that no one answers the door despite the fact that you can see at least two cars outside, that would be because we are probably all at home hiding in our rooms determined not to answer. I'd call first if I were you.

At least it had my family in stitches for the next 15 minutes or so...

UPDATE: My sister is still cracking up every time she sees me tonight. Never going to live this down.


  1. LOL this is funny....

    But my think is...don't come to my house if it's not "socially acceptable" to see me in my comfy pjs in my own house. I don't care who you are this is my living quarters...I run this. I don't think that should be problem for unannounced visitors, which I think is the worst...

  2. hahah omg, i would not worry about it at all!!! i'm always gross and in my pj's and if someone comes over unannounced that is what they are going to get!


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