Thursday, December 24, 2009

White Christmas

Watching White Christmas tonight... I think I would prefer watching Mickey's Christmas Carol or Disney's A Christmas Carol tomorrow next year though. 

MickeysChristmasCarol1983.jpg image by Casino923

What are your favorites to watch during the holiday season??

PS. Today my family and I spent time together not cooking together, or playing games or spreading Christmas cheer, but driving around the area to see the outside of houses we liked.

We found one we really really really like, and it almost seems too good to be true! I suppose we will just have to see when the people selling it get back to us. SO EXCITED!

Merry Christmas everyone! (And Happy 25th Birthday to my sister Allison!)


  1. fun i wish i could buy a house how exciting!!!

  2. Allison is 25!!?? Sometimes I forget you guys are growing up to ;)

    I love Fred Clause and The Holiday.

    Merry Christmas cuz :)

  3. That's so fun!! Hopefully you'll be able to get that house. Happy birthday to your sister!

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Love Actually is my fav =-) Merry Christmas!


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