Monday, December 28, 2009

Jane Austen

Now I am pretty sure all of you are familiar with Austen (at least one movie if you haven't read her). I *love* her books, Persuasion is my personal favorite so far. Something about the past regret and all that angst.

I was watching The Jane Austen Book Club with my sister tonight (can you believe she has an english degree and has NEVER read an Austen??), and it inspired me to read Sense and Sensibility one I have yet to read though I just finished Mansfield Park last night and was planning on a different book and would rather re-read Persuasion. 

 I don't always love each part of Austen's novels, but something always makes me want to come back to the stories-- I just need to make it through all of them so I can start over again! (The only one I have read twice is Pride and Prejudice because I couldn't remember the differences between the book and movie anymore.) So when I finish Sense and Sensibility, the only Austen's I will not have read is Northanger Abbey and Lady Susan. Any of you read those two yet?

So, to get to my point, what is your favorite Austen and which is your favorite movie version?? (can be different than the book)

I have already said which movie version is my favorite... 2005s Pride and Prejudice.

*Sigh* It just never gets old.

PS. Has anyone read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies?? I always hear good things about it, but I could never bring myself to buy it. I *did* however read the first page in Borders.

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  1. I bought this collection of Austen books at B&N, with the idea that I'd read through it all one day. (I bought this back in October... I've failed to do any reading, lol.)

    But I also bought P&P&Zombies.. actually I bought it BEFORE buying that Austen collection... LOL. I'm a zombie fan.

    I've seen the Keira Knightly version of P&P, and the Kate Beckinsale version of Emma. I started reading some Emma but got lost a long the way. I think I need to finish up on it soon!

    Oh, btw, I read the first couple chapters of PP&Zombies and I LOVE it. :) It's basically the book/movie, but suddenly zombies come out and attack the Bennett's and the people around them!


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