Friday, September 25, 2009

Banned Book Week

starts tomorrow!!
{image from the ALA website}

Some of my favorite books are on that list (lists by author or book title), and I'm currently reading a book that is on that list also. I always find it so crazy that so many great books are challenged so often, and were even burned!

Any of your favorites on there?


  1. Hey Michelle....the link doesn't work!!! :( I'm a bookworm. LOVE books but right now, only assigned readings is all I can take!!!

    You went to an LDS worship service??? How did you like it??

  2. That is so crazy...

    I hate that people burn books! They are my favorite things.

    Love the blog ps

  3. oops! I fixed the link, but now it's a different list, not the one on the ALA website that lists the classic books that have been challenged


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