Saturday, September 12, 2009

umm thanks?

Today while buying wayyy too much stuff at origins, my sister was trying to figure out what shade of foundation to get with the help of the sales woman. My sister remarked on the fact that she had been using my foundation and the woman was very suprised and remarked on how different of skin tones we have.

(to my sister) "You are much tanner than her! It doesn't match your skin color!"

(now turning to me) " You are white! you are REALLY white! you are so white!"

Me "gee thanks..."

I mean what do you say to that in a society where being tan is prized?? I thought we, and by *we* I mean society, was beginning to move past this skin-killing fad and going for a more natural look.

Oh well, I have embraced this pale-ness since I stopped playing soccer and hopefully in twenty years this shunning will pay off!

P.S. I am trying to sew a new duvet cover because the comforter I am using now was meant for my dorm room and matches NOTHING in my room. Trying to be thrifty, but knowing me it will be *way* more expensive and not even be usable.

The frilly apron is pretty much as Donna Reed as I get.


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