Friday, September 18, 2009

think OUTSIDE the box

So sewing is kinda complicated. I mean I literally had my dad come over and help me thread and spin the bobbin, thread the machine, or solve some other problem ten times each.

Besides learning how to maintain the machine, I have been working on sewing my duvet cover the last week or so, and it has been kinda complicated to figure out how all the pieces will fit together.

When I first laid my comforter on the floor and then stretched the sheet over it i realized that it was both too short and too thin to adequetly cover the comforter.


So I took the fitted sheet, cut it in half, and sewed it onto either side of the main sheet. Not to mention taking the stitching and elastic out of each corner of the fitted sheet. I then realized that the sheets are so thin that I could see colors from my comforter through them. So of course now I need to make the top side of the duvet doubled by sewing the extra sheet from the sheet set that was to be the bottom side of the duvet.

Following me still??

And of course the whole time this is happening the sewing machine keeps getting messed up and I am spending more time rethreading and taking stitches out and trying to figure out what is wrong. Did I mention what a *natural* I am at this?

Ok, it gets better. I figure out that if I just have my comforter upside down in the duvet the colors don't show. Whew! Because I think that I had sewed it wrong to do the double-layer thing.

So now I just have to sew a bunch of pieces at the bottom and top. I was explaining this to my mom a few hours ago, and she was saying how she thought this would be just an easy first project. "Just sew two sheets together" Yeah, thanks for the advice mom. So I was ranting to her about how it was too short and too thin. THEN she said "Well why didn't you get king size sheets?"

Wait, what? What is it that you just said?

They actually make bigger sheets? oooh that's right, they do!!!

doh! C'mon Michelle. Next time think outside the box.

P.S. Isn't this an awesome sewing machine? It would totally match my Hello Kitty toaster!

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