Wednesday, September 9, 2009

an example of why kids should NEVER do drugs

So I am taking Biological Psychology this semester and the other day we were learning about how drugs affect the brain, killing brain cells etc.

student with a pot-head personality: Ooh! (eagerly raising his hand) So does smoking pot, like, kill your brain cells?

teacher: well the studies are complicated because a lot of people that habitually smoke pot will also do other drugs, and it is hard to monitor all the variables. And scientists can't make people smoke pot everyday for twenty years for a study. But yes, studies indicate that smoking pot a lot will kill brain cells.

student: that study would be sooo awesome! i would totally do it!

Class: laughs at the ridiculousness of the *obvious* example of what too much pot does to someone

Five minutes later....

student: OH!(raises hand eagerly again) So does it only kill brain cells if you smoke it? Like is it ok if you just eat it?

class: laughs again at the absurdity of this pot-head's questions

teacher: ahhhh, no..... Smoking is worse for you lungs, but it still affects the brain in the same way.

student: bummmmer!

C'mon people, let's try NOT to be so obvious about those specific extra curriculars in the classroom live above the influence...

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