Wednesday, September 16, 2009

oh em geee

Now I like Harry Potter, but I would definitely feel silly using a Harry Potter Universal Remote.

The article says that "The vibrating television wand incorporates accelerometer technology similar to that of Nintendo Wii remotes, allowing users to change channels, control volume, and even fast-forward and rewind using circular, up-and-down, and back-and-forth gestures. There are a total of 13 programmable commands."

*Remember to 'Swish and flick' when using this device*

EDIT: My sister thinks its awesome. I told her she would be embarrassed at a family gathering to say "Hold on, let me turn down the tv" and whip out the wand and wave it around to lower the volume. My mom then pointed out that she could use the other remote in a situation like that. Problem solved.

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