Sunday, October 11, 2009

Back to the Box for you!

Finished my sewing project!

Only after working on it for a few days, seeing it in the corner of my room for a few weeks, then on the dining room table for a week, it has finally arrived at it's final destination, my bed!

Now of course, I didn't take pictures of the near quilt-like bottom side, with mismatched buttons in uneven buttonholes. It's *much* better this way, trust me.

The important thing is it is done, and fits (somewhat).

and now the sewing machine is going back into the box, in the closet, in the office.

That baby won't be in use for awhile.

And a little thank you to my Aunt (who doesn't read this) and her family for taking me to church with you this morning!

It was lovely!
aaaand I got to wear my new shabby apple dress!

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