Saturday, October 17, 2009

G. Butts and special sauce

Dear G. Butts*, I fell in love with your Scottish charm in P.S. I love you, and although I never saw 300 and remember not especially enjoying The Phantom of the Opera, I enjoyed The Ugly Truth. (Not entirely because it's set in my hometown of Sacramento)

The truth is, I am not a fan of your work as much as I am a fan of you. I love your accent and good-natured mannish appeal. You are the epitome of a Scottish man to me: loud, attractive, strong, musician, and energetic.

You remind me of one of my biggest hollywood crushes, Eric Bana who made my heart pound wayy more than Brad Pitt in Troy. Poor Eric, who has been in so many bad movies before and after that,  always makes me forget the bad times when I reminisce about the good times. Thankfully he  was able to use his accent in Funny People this past summer, and reminded me of why I drooled over him so many years ago.

I guess I like my men with stubble, dark hair, and an accent. Is that such a tall order to fill?!?

*Nickname courtesy of Jimmy Fallon on his show last thursday (10/15). Interview can be viewed below.


  1. Yes Eric Bana is definitely a hottie! Especially in Time Traveler's Wife. That movie was such a sappy love story! Loved it :D. Where in Sacramento are you from?? My husband is from around there....


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