Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Going Global

I love when Oprah visits other countries... like today when she visits places like Denmark, Turkey, and Dubai!

Especially when she focuses on why those places are so awesome. Makes me want to live all over the globe. Maybe someday? about someday soon? can it be really soon, that would be amazing. thanks.

PS. I know that picture is awkward, but I really liked her hair curly like that and pulled back. I would totally wear my hair like that if it was willing to do it. My hair is *so* disobedient.

PS. PS. Please help me stop eating mini reeses. They are *so* yummy. My favorite halloween candy!

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  1. Me too!!! I want to go all over the world and eat different foods :D I think that is one of the main reasons for me... hahaha :D and as for me? I LOVE 100 Grand and Almond Joys :D actually I like all chocolates! And my husband is from Yuba City... have you heard of it? It's pretty boring ;)


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