Saturday, October 3, 2009

Rain, rain, go away please STAY!

Everyone should make it their goal to dance in the rain at least once in their lives.

Umbrella-DancingInTheRain.gif umbrella image by Laurel_S0809

So, I get ridiculously excited when it rains. Especially if it rains really hard.

Confession: Me and my sister heard it raining and I stared out the window for a minute in pure ecstasy, then realized that it would probably end in a minute or two. Put on my shoes and a sweatshirt my totally awesome Sly-Park one from sixth grade and walked around outside with my sister until in stopped, reveling in the wonderousness of it all.

My mom remarked that we were acting as if we never saw rain before. I told her that its even more exciting when it snows.

Please snow and rain *a lot* this winter!

PS. Hope everyone is enjoying the General Conference this weekend! I know I am!!

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