Friday, October 30, 2009

Scary Times

If you've read my profile you *probably* know that I get frightened easily. Like too easily. Embarrasingly so. 

When in the same house as me, I will mildly freak out if you come into the room and I didn't hear you coming in, even if you are 5 ft away and just minding your own business. I confess that I run the 3 ft from my bathroom to my bedroom late at night, and always always turn on my bedroom light to make sure no murderers snuck in there while I was away. 

.... People take advantage of this.  It has made the problem worse. 

I react pretty much the same way as Taylor Swift when people intentionally scare me.  I got your back,  T. Swift.

and don't worry, the flinching that happens after something like this will subside... somewhat.

Have a Happy Halloween!

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