Monday, October 26, 2009

Our jobs

Tonight I learned something from Desperate Housewives. (I never that I'd say *that* in my lifetime.)

But seriously, one of the husbands was explaining to an older man why he lets his wife control him and the decisions around the house. He didn't resent her for her need to control, or feel that it emasculated him. Instead he saw that how she was raised, taking care of her family, caused her to constantly feel like she could lose everything at any moment. Being controlling made her feel safe. In return, her controlling him, was his job as her husband because it made her feel safe and secure.

Maybe it's a stupid thought but I just loved that he wasn't concerned about how her controlling nature affected him, but what it meant to her and why she did it. And that led him to realize that that was the best thing he could do in taking care of her and making her happy.

What a positive and loving way to look at something that so many take resentfully and with hate, don't you think?

I love when you unexpectedly learn something and it makes you feel good inside. And I hope I do my future job as well as he does.

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  1. Hi Michelle-

    I hope you don't think this is strange, but I saw your comment on Mormon In Manhattan's blog about her Dad's cancer journey.

    I stumbled upon a blog that is doing an awesome "Card Drive" for Natalie Hill's Dad and thought you might be interested:


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