Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cozy and safe

I always find something calming about rain. It seems to reinvigorate my soul, and refresh my body. It reminds me how blessed I am to have a warm, dry home and it brings life to the world around me.

It's an amazing act of nature, and shows how powerful God is, and how life-giving He is. I'm reminded that we rely so much on modern technology, that if the power goes out because of a storm, it's a big deal.  Our dependence on technology, and the fact that we don't really have to know how to survive without modern conveniences is a little frightening to me.

I know I depend really heavily on having electricity to heat my water, energize my laptop, preserve my food, etc.  I have been listening to a lot of past General Conferences, and one of the talks was about learning to recognize when we are buying things because we want them, instead of need them. It made me think about what I truly need in my life, and how many of my things are superfluous and could be of better use to others.


Remember, that even if you don't like the wet weather that it's an *awesome* time to sit around a fire and spend time with your family!

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  1. I felt the same way at General Conference. I definitely make myself believe I need things when i really don't.

    Thanks for the reminder!


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