Monday, October 12, 2009


are soooo delicious!

I was reminded a few weeks ago how much I love their crunch outer rim, with sweet filling on the inside.

I enjoy mine with peaches or pears, and powdered sugar (like the only thing I choose fruit over chocolate), but this picture is nicer than the ones I make.

... and I have been supplying my family with them frequently since then for breakfast/dessert.

I adore food that can be passed for both breakfast and dessert.

Do you have any favorite breakfast/desserts?


  1. Mmm I love them too!
    Any good recipes?

  2. Of course! the one I use is vegan, so no eggs!

    1.5 cups soy milk or regular milk
    .25 cups water
    .75 cup flour
    .25 cup chickpea flour
    1 tbsp arrowroot powder or cornstarch
    .5 tsp salt
    2 tbsp sugar (if sweet crepes)

    Combine all in blender or whisk, let refrigerate for at least an hour. Then cook in hot pan with plenty of margarine!

  3. ooh this is my favorite thing my mom made growing up (must run in the family ;)...i take mine with lemon and powdered sugar...delish!

  4. Carolyn: I need to try them with lemon! Auntie Virginia has hers with lemon too, and it sounds good!

  5. Lemon are sugar crepes are divine! The number one thing I learned during 4 years of French: I love crepes.

  6. Crepes are SO on top of my list!!!!! My husband and I love to make them for Sunday brunch!


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