Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Orange Hot Chocolate

As I mentioned before, while at Apple Hill last week, I purchased many delicious treats!

 apple cider


chocolate caramel with a marshmallow center

So when I purchased this festive hot drink mixture at Apple Hill last weekend in honor of the upcoming spooky holiday, I was expecting something on the same level of deliciousness. Plus the bonus that I was as giddy as an 8 year-old to see it turn colors!

I assumed it was regular hot chocolate that either had hints of orange in it or just turned orange. Either way I was onboard.

So I heated up my water and soy milk, and eagerly poured the white mixture in to see it turn a brilliant creamy orange color. A sweet kinda vanilla-y scent wafted up. My first hint that this was going terribly wrong.

It tasted..... it tasted..... like  a melted orange creamsicle, heated, and diluted with water.
 *Mmmmh!* not.  Perhaps this would be better if you weren't expected at least a little cocoa in my HOT CHOCOLATE.

Not the best $1.50 I've ever spent. I'll be sticking with my swiss miss from now on, thanks.


  1. Hi! I came here via "Mormon in Manhattan" I saw you left a comment for Natalie and I just wanted to let you know I have started a blog for her father "Prayers for Daddy Hill." Please come and be a follower & make sure you leave a get well message for "Daddy Hill"!

  2. Ewww...that's gross!! I like cocoa in my hot chocolate too! At least that chocolate looks DELISH!

  3. i have fallen in love with your blog! it is absolutely darling!


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